• Land Use
  • Fiscal Management
  • Community Building

Land Use

Burlingame is a vibrant community that is attracting more residents due to the charming town character and high quality schools.  In 2019, we approved the new Burlingame General Plan which allowed our community to plan for future growth while maintaining our character. This process took over four years to complete and included dozens of community meetings and input from thousands of constituents.  The challenge was to update and implement a General Plan that balances our current aesthetics while allowing for the incremental growth required by the State.  We must offer opportunities for affordable housing, parking, open space, additional sports fields, and other amenities that benefit the community while keeping in mind the qualities that make Burlingame a wonderful place to live and work.


Support Affordable Housing – Encourage affordable housing opportunities for workforce and seniors along transportation hubs and close to commercial areas and city services. This will provide much needed housing solutions to maintain our diverse community.  Working with my colleagues we are presently reviewing or implementing the following initiatives:

Explore Diverse Business Opportunities – Provide more entertainment options and consider developing artist live/work space on Rollins Road that is close to public transportation.   This year our Council is hosting a Retail Summit on April 17, 2019 to hear from our community about the changes we need to adopt in order to maintain vibrant retail on both Broadway and Burlingame Avenue.

Enhance Recreational Opportunities – Focus on improving open-space along the bay front and Mills Canyon, open bike-lanes and make fields safety upgrades.  While on Council and as a member of the Dog Park Task Force, we approve a new three acre natural open space park that will allow off leash dog walking.   We also turfed Murray Field to expand capacity by nearly 50% and worked with BSD to update turf on Franklin and Osberg Fields.

Fiscal Management

Burlingame has a diverse and vibrant business community that contributes to our economic growth. I would advocate for policies that support local businesses in order to generate the financial support needed to continue our tradition of providing outstanding services to our residents. Prudent fiscal management is also a top priority and my strong financial background in business and pension management make me uniquely qualified to contribute in these policy making areas. A strong financial position allows us to explore ways to improve our infrastructure, repair our deferred maintenance projects, finance those improvements, and continue to plan for the future.


Capital (Infrastructure) Improvements – Make sure our capital infrastructure is cared for today so that it will serve us well into the future. This includes developing strategies to pay for our long overdue facility repairs, upgrades to our sewers, sidewalks, parks, open space, bike-lanes, fields and the bay front.

City Budget and Pension Issues – I have a 25 year background in pension management and finance that will help me to evaluate budget issues, collaborate with other Council members, and work with City staff to make sure our current financial obligations are supported while planning for a sustainable long-term future. My pension background is unique and important as these benefits can contribute significantly to city costs and require prudent oversight and funding. I have done the heavy lifting needed in both my professional career and in my volunteer work and left every organization that I served with a better financial outlook.

Vibrant Business – As a local business owner, I have first-hand experience with how our commerce generates the revenues needed to sustain our high quality city services and pay for our capital needs. I also understand what it takes to manage a business and have experience with the planning commission and permitting. We also need to work with our local business owners and our hotels to entertain ideas and develop strategies to attract hotel guests to our city.

Community Building

Burlingame is a small community and our needs are often best addressed by bringing together diverse interests to achieve common goals. My experience with local business and past work with public officials, combined with my school and city volunteer positions provide me the unique perspective needed to collaborate and move projects forward to completion.


Community Center (FUNDED AND STARTING 2019) – As a Park and Recreation Commissioner and member of the Community Center CAC, I have had the chance to work with our City staff and many esteemed citizens to think about how we might update our overall community center facility and most importantly, ways that we would be able to focus our programming to benefit seniors, toddlers and youth, provide theater options, a grand gathering space and increase underground parking for safety and to take the pressure off our neighborhood street parking.  We are also working toward implementing a sustainable building that could be a model for our community and show others the way.  With the successful passage of Measure I, we now have a dedicated funding source to build the new Community Center, repair potholes and add another police officer.

Disaster Planning – Burlingame has done excellent disaster planning work and I would continue that along with efforts to understand the impact and manage sea-level rise and other environmental issues that will effect us for the next 20 years.  I will work to secure a permanent funding source to manage risk to our bayshore and build the infrastructure we need for the next 50 years.

School and Community Relationships – I will work to build strong relationships with our schools (both Burlingame School District and the San Mateo Union High School District) and other community partners to collaborate on facilities agreements, cost sharing and other important issues that impact every Burlingame resident.

Sustainability – Helping to bring Peninsula Clean Energy and Community Choice Energy to Burlingame so that residents can opt to have green energy options for their homes and businesses.  In 2019, we began a new sub-committee focused on addressing issues of Sea Level Rise in Burlingame and will be working with the County to develop a long-term strategic plan for infrastructure and a sustainable financial model to pay for improvements.