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“Donna Colson has a strong background in finance and a deep knowledge of government budget and pension issues. She has the skills and experience to make her an effective Councilmember. She is a proven problem solver and I strongly support her election to City Council.”
Jerry Hill, California State Senator 13th District

“Mayor Colson knows how to get things done.  She combines practical business experience with in-depth public policy knowledge to move important civic projects forward.  She is strategic, insightful and honest and someone you can always count on.  Burlingame benefits tremendously from her innovative and thoughtful leadership and her generous spirit.  Please join me as a resident in supporting her for re-election in 2019”
Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor 

“There is no doubt that Mayor Donna Colson serves Burlingame with distinction.  She puts aside politics and acts first and foremost for all Burlingame residents.  Donna is a proven leader that has been fair and objective, in addition to always working with the intention of the good for all.”
Ann Keighran, Burlingame City Council and Former Mayor 

“I am proud to call Donna Colson a colleague.  She is tireless, selfless, has backbone and smarts; she gets things done for the people of Burlingame.  Donna is a great leader and she brings people together to build a better quality of life for everyone in Burlingame.”
Michael Brownrigg, Burlingame City Council and Former Mayor 

“During her Mayorship, Donna has traveled to Sacramento countless times to advocate for responsible local control and against the laws the state has proposed to take away local control of our zoning standards.  I can count on her to stand up for Burlingame to protect our heritage and way of life.  She has backbone and integrity and she has my vote. ”
Cathy Baylock, Burlingame City Council 2001-2013, Mayor 2006 and 2010

“Donna’s passion for the Burlingame Community is immeasurable. Her energy is unceasing, and her dedication is boundless. I look forward to having Donna help guide our community.”
Richard Terrones, Planning Commissioner / Local Architect

“For over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering for our public schools with Donna. She is a courageous leader who works tirelessly on behalf of the community. With a goal-oriented mindset, Donna brings vast business experience along with persistence and enthusiasm to each project. She is strategic, politically astute, honest and loyal with a generous spirit.  Burlingame will greatly benefit from Donna serving as a City Council Member.”
Jenifer Beswick, Burlingame Community Volunteer
Former BCE and BHS Executive Teams

“Donna Colson is the perfect person for a council seat. She is creative, energetic and focused on the best of life in Burlingame. She will grow and expand our current quality-of-life events for now and generations to come.”
Rosalie O’Mahony, Former Burlingame Mayor

“Donna has served our school age children tirelessly for the last 15-years. Her “can do” attitude is evident everywhere at the Burlingame School District and now at Burlingame High School where she works diligently to provide better facilities, services, and opportunities for all of our youth. She is committed to creating productive and collaborative relationships between our schools and the so that all residents can benefit from our shared resources. These attributes and her long-standing school/city relationships make her an ideal candidate for Burlingame City Council.”
Greg Land, Former Burlingame School District Trustee and President of the San Mateo Union High School District Board

“I had the pleasure of working with Donna at Burlingame High School. She is a great partner, collaborative and innovative. Together we dreamed up Panther Pay Day and raised a record $200,000 in a single day. This increased our total revenue by nearly 50% year-on-year, boosted our parent participation and pride in being a Panther! She was a responsible fiduciary caring for our funds, seeking parent input and advice to make sure that every allocation was spent thoughtfully and effectively. I know she will bring this same energy to the City Council and we would be luck to have her serve our residents!”
Linda Spira, Burlingame High School Parents’ Group Vice President

“What impresses me most about Donna Colson is her decisiveness and strong commitment to the community. Her appreciation of aesthetics and historical antecedents, benefits Burlingame. I proudly recommend her for City Council knowing that she will manage growth with sensitivity, care and social responsibility.”
Eric, Burlingame

“Donna Colson was one of the first people I met when I came to Burlingame to be Superintendent of the elementary school district. Her knowledge, history, and relationships with families in the community were clearly evident upon our first meeting. She is an outstanding communicator who helped BSD staff and me work with the City to create an agreement that solidified our partnership. The partnership continues to serve our community well with the use of BSD facilities and City programs for youth.”
Maggie MacIsaac- Burlingame Superintendent


U.S. Congresswoman 14th District 
Jackie Speier

California State Senator 13th District
Jerry Hill

Speaker pro Tem California State Assemblyman 22nd District
Kevin Mullin

San Mateo County
Board of Supervisors

Dave Pine
David Canepa
Don Horsley
Carole Groom
Warren Slocum
John Ward (Former)

Treasurer, San Mateo County
Sandie Arnott

Sheriff, San Mateo County
Carolos Bolanos

SMC Superintendent of Schools
Nancy Magee 

Burlingame City Council
Ann Keighran
Michael Brownrigg
Ricardo Ortiz

Former Burlingame Mayors and Council
Cathy Baylock
Jerry Deal
Joe Galligan
Terry Nagel
Rosalie O’Mahony
Frank Pagliaro
Russ Cohen
John Root (Also Former BSD Trustee)

Burlingame School District Board of Trustees
Kay Coskey, President
Elizabeth Kendall, Vice President
Davina Drabkin, Clerk
Florence Wong
Mark Intrieri
Michael Barber (Former)
Lisa Rosenthal (Former)

Burlingame School District Superintendent 
Maggie MacIsaac

San Mateo Union High School District
Greg Land, President
Marc Friedman

Burlingame Planning Commissioners
Richard Terrones
Sandra Comorato
Audrey Tse
Michael Gaul
Richard Sargent
Will Loftis
Sandra Yie (Former)

City of Burlingame Park and Recreation

Ian Milne, Chairperson
Leslie Holtzman
Shari Lewis
Emily Matthews
Chris Ardito
Bob Palacio
Julie Baird (Former)
Steve Baum (Former)
Joe Dito (Former)
Janet Martin (Former)

City of Burlingame Traffic Safety and Parking Commissioner
Christopher Bush, Chairperson
Lynn Israelit
Jeff Londer
John Martos
Howard Wettan
Niklas Akers (Former)

City of Burlingame Beautification Commissioners
Anne Hinckle
Mary Hunt
Mary Ellen Kearney and Walter
Richard Kirchner
Karen Dittman (Former)

City of Burlingame Measure I Oversight Committee
Mary Hockridge
Stephanie Lee

City of Burlingame Library Board of Trustees 
Mike Nagler
Kerby Altman
Danielle Garcia
Lisa Rosenthal (Former)
James Cannon (Former)

Burlingame Library Board Foundation 
Christina Funk – Co-President
Cindy Montgomery – Co-President
James Cannon
Robin Hurwitz
Terry Nagel
Michael Nagler
Frank Pagliaro

Burlingame Parks and Recreation Foundation 
Laura Hesselgren
Karen Dittman
Lisa Rogers
Carol Yasuda-Terrones
Richer Kirchner
Emily Matthews

Elected Officials

City of Atherton
Councilmember Rick DeGolia

City of Belmont
Councilmember Charles Stone

City of Brisbane
Councilmember Cliff Lentz

City of East Palo Alto
Councilmember Larry Moody
Councilmember Carlos Romero

City of Hillsborough
Mayor Shawn Christianson
Councilmember Marie Chuang
Councilmember Larry May

City of Fremont 
Mayor Lily Mei

City of Foster City 
Mayor Sam Hindi 
Councilmember Herb Perez 

City of Millbrae 
Mayor Wayne Lee
Councilmember Gina Papan
Councilmember Anne Oliva

City of Redwood City
Councilmember Giselle Hale

City of San Bruno
Mayor Rico Medina

City of San Carlos 
Vice Mayor Ron Collins
Councilmember Adam Rak  

City of San Mateo
Mayor Diane Papan
Councilmember Joe Goethals

City of Portola Valley
Vice Mayor Jeff Aalfs

Other Civic Leaders
Uma Krishnan, Student Civic Leader
Sandra Lang, Commission on Aging
Kara Newport, Non-Profit Leader
Evan Jones, Non-Profit Leader
Mike McCord, Non-Profit Leader 
Doug Silverstein, Non-Profit Leader 

Labor Endorsements 
Building and Construction Trades Council of San Mateo County
Carpenters Union Local 217 San Mateo County 
Plumbers and Steamfitters’ Union Local 467

Business Endorsements 
Tri-County Apartment Association 

Other Endorsements 

API color.jpg 
Thank you to the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus the has endorsed me for the 2019 Election.   

If you do not see your name here on this list and want to be included, please just fill out our endorsement link on any page.   

If you are wondering about the Olympians – Anthony Mosse was a New Zealand bronze medal winner in swimming, Michele Granger and Kelly Jackson both have USA gold in softball and Lisa Fernandez is a three time Olympic gold medalist in softball and the current coach of the UCLA NCAA Division 1 College World Series winning Bruins softball!

A.J. Baylock

Aimee & Jason Jordan

Al Chamberlain

Alexandra & Justin Kromelow

Alisa Ruiz-Johnson

Amelia Nash

America & Tony Brown

Amy & Blair Sanford

Amy & Ron Johnstone

Amy Louise & Duncan Grenier

Andreanna & Ken Vierra

Andreanna Yanez-Vierra & Ken Vierra

Angela & Anthony Castellino

Ann & John Fallon

Annamarie Holland Daniels & Todd Daniels

Anne & Kevin Hickey

Anne & Matt Cosenza

Annette Alioto

Anthony and Michelle Hall

Anthony Galli

Archibald & Samantha Mac Phail

Barbara Bonilla

Barbara Jean Delbon

Ben Saucedo

Bennet Weintraub

Beth & Keith Taylor

Beth & Nick Rogers

Betsy McGinn

Betsy McGinn

Bill Laskey

Bo & Mary Stewart

Bob & Lorna Zimmerman

Bob Zipkin

Carl Martin

Carol Yasuda-Terrones

Carolyn & Ken Way

Cathleen Pearson & Paul Nelson

Cheryl & Tony Mori

Christina & Victor Radeff

Christine & Joe Damico

Christine Olson-Giebel

Cindy Montgomery

CJ & Carolyn Daley

Colleen Rafferty

Connie Gravagno

Corey Stanley

Corrine & Mark Pitre

Dana Marshall Magdaleno

Daniel Cray

Dave Armanino

David and Wendi Upchurch

Debbie & Bob Hirth

Debbie & Doug McKeever

Denise & Craig Fawcett

Diana & Peter Ferris

Duffy Offield

Elaine & Harry Breeze

Elisa Hughes

Elise & Eric Brand

Elizabeth Byrne & Chris Metzcus

Ellie & Jeff Byrd

Elsie & Don Rosenthal

Emily & Tim Matthews

Emily Matthews

Erik Winkler

Erika & Nick Pianim

Ernie & Maria Ribera

Fred & Jen Bertetta

Gail & Anthony Mosse

Gary & Beth Francesconi

Gary & Gilda Andreacchi

Gary Bell

Geetha Reddy

Gene & Teresita Condon

Gina & Rob Chapman

Gina & Sam Saddik

Glenn Mendelson

Gloria & Sam Malouf

Hank & Heather Sauer

Helen & Joseph Hurley

Holly Rogers & Rich Schoustra

Irene Azzollini

J. Michael Horwitz

Jack & Kimberly Ferrari

Jan Nickoley

Jane Pine

Jeannie Gilmore

Jen Sharp

Jenifer & Brian Beswick

Jenifer & Elliot Schaffer

Jennie & Ken Nielsen

Jennifer & Juergen Pfaff

Jennifer & Roch LeBlanc

Jennifer Johnson & Chuck Fontana

Jennifer Kockos Morris

Jennifer Short & Roxy Kamal

Jennifer Slaboda

Jenny & Garrett Smith

Jerry & Terry Yee

Jette Williams

Jill & Rich Fair

Jim Scileny

Jo Ann & Patrick Barret

JoAnneh Nagler

Joe & Susan Eandi

Joe & Terri La Mariana

Joe & Wendy Mendoza

Joe Baylock

John Andreni

John Witte & Katie Riggs

Jonathan & Maarit Visbal

Julia & Igor Sarkisov

Julia & Vitas Viskanta

Kaelin Sprawls

Karen & Bill Crandall

Karen & Fady Malik

Kate & Patrick Belding

Katheryn & Mike Grubbels

Kathryn & Jeff Nix

Kathy and Bob Furr

Katie & Denis O’Brien

Katie Intrieri

Kerry Bitner & Jim Taschetta

Kevin & Nancy Nelson

Kim and Ken Pitzer

Kim Bentley

Kimberly & Mark Rosales

Krista McCutcheon & Ian Milne

Kristen & Greg Schwager

Kristen Benson

Kristi & Robert Lee

Kristi Kuechler

Larry Coskey

Laura & Mark Gshwind

Laura & Patrick Somers

Laura Goldman

Laura Gschwind

Laura Hesselgren

Lauren Barranti

Linda & Jonathan Spira

Linda & Ray Marshall

Lisa & Christopher Chai

Lisa Booth

Lisa Liberty

Liz & Cristos Goodrow

Liz & Will Evans

Loretta & Jim Stephenson

Lori & Matt Potter

Lorin Flynn Marsal & Jack Marsal

Lucia Tappon

Lynda & Jack Bettencourt

Madalyn Friedman

Maggie MacIsaac

Maja Nelson & Rob Kotmel

Marci & Ron Martinucci

Maria Harper

Marianne & John Saucedo

Marisol & Chris Dunning

Mark Hundley

Marshall Burgamy

Martha & PJ Nora

Martha Benson

Martin Jorgensen

Mary & John Hockridge

Mary & John Martos

Mary & Dan Porter

Mary & William Swing

Mary Helen McMahon

Mary Hunt & Charles Voltz

Maryse & Giard Schlesinger

Matt & Joann Reidy

Melissa & Steve Macko

Melissa Burke

Melissa Mendoza

Melissa Stacy

Melvin Tukman

Michael Kara

Michael Merlo

Michael Wills

Michelle & Dan Kaplan

Michelle & Jorge Taylor

Michelle & Marty Galvin

Michelle Riley

Molly & Chris Mausser

Nancy Call

Nicole Gedman

Norreen Bulotti

Norreen Bulotti

Pablo & Yolanda Perez

Pam & Peter Hart

Pam & Ron Zaragoza

Pam Lampkin & Bob Zipkin

Pam Scott

Pam Shaffer

Pat Giorni

Patricia Mayer

Paul Bartke

Paul David Marotta

Paul Prendiville

Paul Webb

Perissa & Don Clark

Peter & Jane Stevenson

Peter Sturges

Riaz Shivji

Rich & Victoria Razon

Rob & Beth Beisecker Adams

Roberta & Amit Chopra

Robin & Steve Hurwitz

Ron & Nina Berkovits

Ron Karp

Rona Blevins

Rose Land

Ross Bruce

Rudy Buntic

Sabine Andreni

Sandie & Bill Lindsell

Sandra Feder

Scott & Cheree Peterson

Scott & Kristle Kiarns

Seyem Arslan & Craig Slavsky

Shar Beckheyer

Shari Lewis

Sharon & Ken Wills

Sharon, Ryan & Tyler Paratte

Stan Moore

Stephanie Colbert-Howley & Sean Howley

Stephanie Lucas & Kerbey Altmann

Stephanie McDonald

Steve & Patty Grabianowski

Sue Marcan

Susan & Tim McGarr

Suzanne Schmidt

Suzy & Jim Denney

Tammy Albarran

Tara Connon

Thomas & Sung Ling

Timothy Hooker

Tina Donahue

Tom & Sung Ling Prager

Tom Seaney

Tori & John Peterson

Veronica Ramirez

Wendi & David Upchurch

William & Esther Hou

* This is a partial list of endorsers and may not be fully updated.